Biped side table: walnut, ash, pigmented lacquer, aluminum,  24″h x 15 1/2″w x 18″d. $950 ea.

The biped table reflects both my love of clean angular lines and expressing much with little.  It is composed of a leaning, triangular tapered post which is cut from a single, large-dimensioned piece of walnut. The legs and top rails are made from the off-cuts of the same piece–their surfaces selectively angled like facets to compliment the dynamic stance of the piece. They are connected to the post with mortise and tenon joinery. A 3/16″ aluminum plate is mortised in to the underside of the 5/8″ thick, cantilevered ash top aiding its connection to the top rails by distributing connection points more widely and ensuring the thin top stays flat. The designer and craftsman in me are truly united in order to achieve the spareness  and distinctive angularity of this animated little side table.

The black is an ebonizing dye and the other colors are custom mixed by me and used to pigment a conversion varnish. All are then finished with a clear topcoat of the varnish. In all cases the attractive patterns of the deep-grained ash remains highly visible. Custom colors are available upon request.

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