Cirrus4 Console

Cirrus4 console: maple top, steel frame, ebonized red oak; 32″h x 45″w x 15″d. $4200.

The Cirrus4 console table is the latest in my line of Cirrus tables which all feature the distinctive sculpted top, each on various bases. My former Cirrus2 table was comprised of the “cradle-like” base with two leaning uprights. The subsequent Cirrus3 design is a more simplified and refined composition which replaces the two angled uprights with a single leg assembly in the center. With the Cirrus4 design, I abandoned the cradle altogether in a further refinement which emphasizes the top. This latest incarnation utilizes metal to obtain the thinnest, strongest uprights and, therefore– airiest feel. The colors and character of the ebonized, red oak panelling below, combined with the steel structure, lend weight to the base of the table — both visually and physically– and contrast with the thin, clean maple top floating above.

The maple top has a clear, hard, catalyzed varnish finish; both the metal and wood of the base are finished with oil and wax.

When I was building the piece, I placed an ebonized mahogany sculpture that I created on the lower shelf and was so pleased with the composition that I included the sculpture, titled “Hammerhead”, in a couple of the images. Sculpture sold separately.

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