Tapered Cattail Cabinet

Tapered Cattail Cabinet: black walnut and Brusso stainless hardware 51″h x 15 3/4″w x 13 1/2″d. $4000

The Tapered Cattail cabinet was given its name thanks to an observation from someone that the integrated door pull and vertical reveal looked like a cattail. I liked the reference and so it became. It is pictured in the first image above with its partner, the Tapered Display cabinet.

Similar in the following regard to my Tapered sideboard, the Tapered Cattail (and Display)  cabinets taper slightly inward reducing in overall width as you travel up its height. The haunched joints of the lower rails, where they connect with the legs, are a subtle detail. They convey a look of strength and accentuate the unique stance of the piece, especially  when combined with the inside taper of the legs near the floor. The piece is constructed in all solid walnut.

The cabinet door has dovetailed battens on its backside  for ensured flatness and pivots on fine Brusso stainless knife hinges. One dovetailed drawer is housed under a top fixed shelf with an adjustable shelf below.

I built the Tapered Cattail and Tapered Display cases as speculative pieces, letting my sense of proportion drive  the design. I outfitted each for practical use and imagined them working in tandem in a room, their silhouetted shapes echoing each other. After receiving much attention and admiration the pieces have indeed found a wonderful home together.

I look forward to recreating either or both the Tapered Cattail or Tapered Display for one of the many who admire these pieces. The Cattail could be customized in  many ways, to be used for various purposes. (a liquor cabinet?, etc.)  Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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