Tapered Sideboard Case Piece

Tapered Sideboard case piece: walnut, 36h x 20d x 60w. $7500.

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This Sideboard was one of my early speculative designs which I produced alongside my Leaning Trestle dining table to exhibit at my first show in 2008. The distinctive features of this piece were used later in my Tapered Cattail cabinets and the commissioned custom Tapered Chest. These features include the outside taper of the legs and the haunched joint at the lower rail/leg junction which give all the case pieces of this group a distinctive stance.

The sideboard pictured is made of solid walnut. It has two panel doors of vertical boards, each with a top pegged rail and a dovetailed batten on the lower back side–both ensuring flatness as well as lending visual detail. A hand sculpted pull is integrated to the door edges just below the rail. The doors swing on fine stainless Brusso knife hinges.

The two drawers are hand dovetailed and have sculpted pulls mortised into the faces. There is an open shelf above the drawers suited for convenient storage or display.

This piece can be reproduced in several available hardwoods with custom sizing and other modifications possible. Please contact me to discuss.

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