Showroom & Events

Showroom 2020

Showroom 2020

Showroom and Events:

The showroom is presently open, and though I suggest calling ahead to ensure my availability, if you come and see the OPEN flag flying out at the street, you’re welcome to drive in. Because of current COVID-19 risks I am limiting admittance to two at a time and providing hand sanitizer at the door. Please bring and wear masks. I will go over other safety measures with you before you enter. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for all is my top priority, along with providing you a friendly tour and introduction to my work and process. Please contact me at my studio phone or email (links at the bottom of this and every page) or call 207-319-3963 (cell) with any questions or to schedule a visit… and stay well!


Furniture Showroom

I invite you to visit my furniture showroom located just above my woodworking studio in Edgecomb, Maine. Images below.

Here, I am able to display and offer for sale a wide selection of my furniture as well as smaller items/furnishings such as mirrors, sculptures and wall hangings.  You can get the combined experience of seeing how and where the pieces are made as well as experiencing the final products. I find it very helpful to meet with clients here when discussing custom projects as we are able to access my whole shop and showroom as a resource to help visualize details of new designs.

After a few years of traveling to multiple shows to exhibit my furniture, I scaled back to one out-of-state show last year: the 2019 Smithsonian Craft Show. For this year and the year ahead I’ve decided to remain close to home and not apply to the Philadelphia Museum and Smithsonian Craft Shows which have both been on my show schedule the past few years. My relatively new showroom space– here at 96 Eddy Road, Edgecomb–is where I have chosen to concentrate the substantial time and effort that I had been spending on traveling and exhibiting my work.

I hosted a show including five other contemporary craftspeople here in my studio and showroom last summer and I look forward to hosting  more events in the future, when it is safe to do so, so please either sign up for my newsletter and/or follow my business Facebook page and/or ebenblaneyfurniture Instagram page for updates and notifications.


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