Belmont Coffee Table

Belmont Coffee Table: butternut, walnut. maple ply; 17″h x 17″d (max) x 46″w.  please contact for pricing 

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The Belmont Coffee Table was a recent custom commission piece that I designed for a great repeat client. I obtained the butternut slab locally, here in Maine, and designed and built the base to fit under it,

The central black rectangular part of the base is veneered hardwood plywood with a satin black lacquer finish. It is 4″ wide. The walnut leg assemblies are joined to the central base- one at the end and the other 6″ in from the opposite end.

My intensions were to keep the base simple so as not to distract from the top. Yet I didn’t want the base to look totally generic or be without any interest. I achieved this, in part, by the asymmetric placement of the legs in relation to the black base; also by the variation of spacings and ways the uprights attach and relate to each horizontal “foot” at the floor. I find the negative space between the walnut legs and black base adds nice interest, too.

This table could be reproduced with the understanding that each slab is unique and will have a different look and require adjustments to the base accordingly. This ensures each table is one of a kind. Please contact me to discuss possible woods, sizes and respective pricing,

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