Parenthetical Table

Parenthetical: walnut and ash 16.5H x 15.5W x 41.5L $1800

The Parenthetical table is the same as my Parenthetical bench. I’m listing it here because so many people imagine using both this and my V-bench as coffee tables, or perhaps as mixed use pieces of furniture. This makes sense as benches and coffee tables are often the same height, and though some coffee tables are not made to be sat on,my benches certainly are…with plenty of surface space to act as a table.

The links in the paragraph above will take you to more examples of the benches that I speak of. The Parenthetical bench/table is easily customizable, sizewise and in terms of wood choice. The V-bench design, due to its more complex geometry, is a little more difficult to modify but anything is possible! Call or email for a quote or to discuss.

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