Console tables

Console tables that are available for purchase are noted as such, below. Visit my Gallery of Maine made furniture page to see all presently available pieces listed together.

My console tables are my most popular pieces. They are dramatic and sculptural. They add a bold artistic statement to entryways, hallways, behind a sofa, or most anywhere. I enjoy letting the joinery show in the construction of many, like my Wedge, a knock-down table, and my Cirrus2 and Cirrus3 consoles, as well as my Cormorant. Others, like my Crane tables are clean and fluid.

In all of my consoles I showcase beautiful woods and also enjoy showing select splashes of color. As with all of my designs I also play with compositions of negative and positive space. They are angular and dynamic, often expressing movement, while staying solid and functional. They are essentially, functional art.

Please contact me to discuss custom versions of any pieces listed below. With most pieces there are a wide array of woods from which to select from. We can also discuss the optimum size of table for your space. And I am always interested in creating new designs if you don't see exactly what you're looking for.

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