Cirrus Console

Cirrus Console, bleached ash and white oak 34″h x 16″d X 52″w. $8500

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This is the original design that gave rise to my Cirrus line of tables. It was only after creating it that I realized its resemblance to a boat in a cradle–an unconscious nod to my boatbuilding heritage. The base is spare and rectilinear in contrast to the form attached above. The three drawers have a top edge finger hold that adds one of the few details to the bleached ash veneered case. The internal drawer wood is white oak like the base. The Cirrus Console was a speculative design that sold fairly quickly at a show and I then moved on to designing the subsequent Cirrus tables without ever remaking this piece, though I would love the opportunity to do so. This piece could be recreated in a variety of other wood choices. Please contact me for current possibilities.

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