Leaning Trestle Dining Table

Leaning Trestle: walnut,  30H x 38W x 80L. Please contact me for current pricing

First designed and built in 2008, the Leaning Trestle dining table was featured in a Fine Woodworking “Designer’s Notebook” piece I wrote for the November, 2015 issue.

Each leaning trestle end is comprised of a solid panel of walnut captured between the two reverse-tapered legs. The legs are joined into the inward pointing face– as well as mortise and tenoned into the top– of the hand sculpted feet.

Running between each pair of legs is a stretcher which is tenoned and pegged to the feet. The stretcher is heavily beveled on its top edge and hovers about a half inch above the floor.

The rails just under the top are beveled to relate to the leaning gesture and the top’s edges are heavily beveled on the underside to further contribute to the table’s light and airy feel.

The overall shape of this table creates perhaps its biggest initial visual impact, but there also are a ton of complimentary features and details that add to this table’s sculptural beauty and value. Compare it to my larger, subsequent Wise Table which differs in ways but maintains the same leaning gesture.

This table design can be reproduced in a variety of woods and finishes and its dimensions can be modified for your seating requirements. Please contact me to discuss.

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