Manhattan Display Case

Manhattan Display Case: mahogany, crotch mahogany veneer, blackwood; 80″H x 30.5″w x 15″d. $8,000.

I designed the Manhattan Display Case for a client of mine in New York City who wanted an attractive and stylish piece, made of beautiful woods in which to display ancient Peruvian artifacts he has been collecting. I drew on classical forms and compositions for the piece, but looked to lend a more contemporary appearance and lighter stance, with blackwood accents and arches in the lower rails, and in the sleek modern pulls.

I used a single plank of South American Mahogany for the entire framework of the case, book matching the two adjacent, vertical pieces that comprise each corner post. The two lower side panels and drawer fronts came from another board which had exceptional grain and figure.

I used blackwood for a bead that borders the two panels, as well as for the two hand-carved handles that are mortised into the two drawer fronts. These elegant pulls are pegged through the top edge of the fronts, spanning the beveled recess in the mahogany which itself has an arched lower edge. Again, I used blackwood for the beads that border the top and bottom edges of the crotch mahogany frieze near the top of the piece.

The lockable doors and side panels are 1/4″ tempered glass. The glass shelves are adjustable and the backs are mirrored. There is LED lighting in the top and lower fixed shelf, controlled by a dimmer switch connected to the power cord that exits the back.

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