Tapered Chest

Tapered Chest, walnut and tiger maple. 34″h x 18″w x 40″. $6,000.

This was a custom piece commissioned by a client who wanted elements of my Tapered Cattail cabinets in a chest and also wanted to use some beautiful tiger maple as a contrasting wood to the gorgeous black walnut I obtained for her. The rail to leg connection uses the same joinery as my other “Tapered” cabinet pieces and the chest also has the same outside taper of the legs and outside walls. The solid hand-dovetailed drawer incorporated a thin horizontal groove connecting the two hand sculpted pulls echoing the door/pull detail of my Tapered Cattail cabinet door as well as the pulls of my Boothbay desk. This is just one example of the wide-ranging custom options that are possible when a client wants elements and features of my existing designs combined with new personalized functional requirements.

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