Teak Stereo Cabinet

Teak Stereo Cabinet: teak -solid and veneer-, walnut, mahogany. 20″h x 17″w x 16″d. $2500.


One of my very good clients commissioned me to design a stereo cabinet to stylishly house his components and provide some space for an internal drawer. I know this particular client had a penchant for classic modern design, so I used some of the commonly used materials of that era along with some of the visual features to give it a retro feel.

I found some wonderfully textured speaker fabric that worked well with the warm teak wood that I decided to use. The horizontal mahogany slats felt like just the right thing to provide an interesting detail to the square frame door. The stainless knife hinges provide just enough of a crisp detail and work well with the push latch mechanism for opening. Internally, I decided to veneer the surface with black walnut (I have built other pieces for this client out of black walnut that will live in the same room.) The hand-dovetailed walnut drawer has a pull consisting of an angled recess with a piece let in to the top for a finger purchase; it slides on wooden rails.

The base made of plywood with heavy, shop-cut mahogany veneer glued to it vertically. I ebonized it and then burnished it at the corners to let some of the warm reds show through.
The piece is oiled.

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