westport side case

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Westport side case: ash & gray conversion varnish doors, cerused white oak (solid and veneer) case, walnut legs, 24.75″h x 60″w x 18.5″d. $4,400

The Westport side case got its name from an island whose steep, angular granite shores are visible from where I live and work across the Sheepscot River, in Edgecomb, Maine. The beautiful deeply- grained ash shows through the durable gray finish of the doors in varied textures. The case is constructed of laminations of birch plywood and then veneered with an extra thick white oak veneer and solid oak edging. The grain is carefully aligned to be continuous from sides to top across the  reinforced miter joints at the corners. A white pigment is worked into the oak grain and then hand- scraped to achieve the beautiful varied texture and mixture of warm browns and whites. The inset back is similarly finished allowing the piece to be placed away from a wall. A dovetail on the top back edge, at the location of the internal vertical divider, reveals a detail of the construction. The walnut legs taper inwards on the front, back and outside surfaces creating a distinctively spare sculpted stance.
This piece has two bays of adjustable shelving behind 4 doors. Dimensions are customizable as well as function, including a wide array of configurations including drawers etc. Refer to my Southport side case for an example of a larger version with some of these options,  as well as an example of inset doors and an inverted color/material configuration.

This piece is available. Please E-mail me or call me at 207.882.4208 for more information.
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