V Bench

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V Bench: walnut, 18″h x 21″d x 60″l. $3500.

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The V bench’s top and legs are the result of some creative cutting and rejoining of a single, beautiful walnut board. I do this in a way that avoids virtually any waste and features continuous grain alignment of the top, through the miter joints, to the legs that return to the floor. The overall shape of the top is  a right triangle, with one edge–the hypotenuse– longer than the other.  This creates a pleasing, varied visual effect when viewed from different vantage points.

On the underside of the top, two rails attach to the legs, on either side off the v-shaped gap, with mortise and tenon joinery.  The rails run parallel to the v- gap the entire length of the bench, converging into one joined member that attaches to the single leg, at the other end,  with mortises and tenons. Above, the bench top locks into the leg with a precise, hand cut dovetail which extends with chamfered edges slightly proud of the front edge, its long slender shape echoing that of the bench’s.

The V bench is rugged and sculptural; its smooth angular edges, reveals, and joinery are made to be explored with both hands and eyes. It is a dramatic and highly interactive piece whether placed along a wall or in the middle of a room. Its height allows it to easily double as both a bench and coffee table. As with all my pieces, it comes signed and numbered. It has a hand-rubbed oil finish.

This bench first showed at the 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show where it was quickly purchased. I recreated two more matched benches for the 2015 Smithsonian Craft Show where one was quickly snatched up and the other shortly after. I have made several since, and presently have one showing in my new Edgecomb showroom. This  has become one of my more popular pieces getting lots of attention in shows that I take it to, and in my showroom. Its also one of the pieces I enjoy building the best.

This piece is available. Please E-mail me or call me at 207.882.4208 for more information.
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