Wise Lounge Chair

Wise lounge chair: Mahogany and black polyester fabric-upholstered cushions, or custom: 28″w x 33″d x 34″h. $3500.

Wise ottoman: Mahogany and black polyester fabric- upholstered cushions, or custom: 22.5″w x 22.5″d x 17″h. $1200.

My latest version of the Wise lounge chair design is pictured above with accompanying ottoman– below are other versions. These are just a few of the many possible combinations of wood and fabric available for custom commission. Please contact me for a quote as wood and fabric choice affect the final price

The Wise lounge chair is a design that I had been sketching for some time. When clients asked for two lounge chairs we looked at many photographs ¬†of existing chairs before they decided they would like me to reproduce the chair that they had seen in my drawings. I built an original chair as a prototype and, with minor alterations based on their input, I produced the two cherry versions pictured below. The design has remained essentially the same with only slight modifications here and there for added depth or width. I consistently hear from people at shows how comfortable and accommodating the chair feels while not looking like a huge chair. That’s what I was aiming for. With the addition later on, of my accompanying Wise Ottoman, comfort and style are taken a step further.

With lines heavily influenced by mid-century designs, I added many distinctive details. Where the back meets the arched leg a haunched mortise and tenon joint locks in the two members with a look and feel of strength. The arm is hand shaped providing a comfortable arm rest and a sleek, sculptural look; it is “let-in” to the back where it also includes a mortise and tenon joint. At the front, the arm terminates on top of the front leg, nesting into the angle created by the joint where the legs meet. A tenon solidifies this connection.

The Wise lounge chair is built from a single plank of the hardwood of your choice to ensure the color is uniform. The solid back– laminated in the interest of structural stability– is veneered with thick shop-cut veneer, sawn from the same wood as the rest of the chair. One of my favorite views of the chair is from behind, where the overall shape and angularity of the chair can be seen along with beautiful expanse of wood selected for the back.

I worked closely with my upholsterer to have cushions made that were both comfortable and sleek. The combination of a 4″thick high density foam seat and 3″ thick back works very well providing super support and comfort while not overpowering the wooden framework of the chair with its mass. The cushions are loose and able to be flipped. They can be upholstered in your choice of fabric. Please contact me and I would be happy to share a link to fabrics that my upholsterer regularly works with from which to choose.

Wise lounge chair: Black walnut & upholstered cushions; 24″w x 34″d x 38″h. $3200-$3500.

Wise Lounge Chair: Cherry

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