New Expanding Dining Table

New Expanding dining table: walnut, ebonized mahogany, brass, extension/ leaf hardware; 30″H x 44″W x 84″- 120″L.

This New dining table was recently completed as a commission. The solid, curved mahogany top expands to allow the addition of up to three “butterfly” -type ┬áleaves that store neatly beneath the top.

Release the lock and pull on one end of the top, and the other half of the top travels the same amount in the opposite direction, sliding on the smooth, equalizing, ball bearing slides. The exposed leaves fold out easily (see images) to create an additional 18″ or 36″ seating capacity.

The distinctive, sculptural solid walnut base has a visually dynamic stance and functionally allows maximum leg room and flexibility for seating.

This design lends itself to being reproduced for a lesser price as a non-expanding table as well, with the elimination of the “sub-top” which houses the leaves and hardware. Whether a reproduction of this expanding table or a customized version, a variety of wood choices are available. Please contact me for a quote and to discuss.

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