Snail bedside table

Snail bedside table: maple with clear and blue pigmented conversion varnish, 18″h x 17″w x 17″d; $1700.

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The Snail bedside tables were designed and built for wonderful clients of mine in Boston. They chose a drawing of these tables from a few ideas that I presented to them that both met their descriptions and were ones that I was hoping to build.

The smooth yet ruggedly constructed solid maple case features the right angle joining of continuous boards that wrap around in a way to create three horizontal surface areas. This includes the top which tapers as it cantilevers, giving the piece personality while making convenient open access to the middle shelf from bed.

The drawer is solid maple and slides on wooden runners. The front, painted with a blue pigmented varnish that I used on other pieces I’ve built for this client, has a finger purchase on the lower edge. It is notched into the case so the blue edges of the front are exposed on all sides. The back is open allowing cords for devises to easily pass through.

I’m excited about this design and look forward to remake it in any number of woods and color choices. The size is also customizable; if a taller surface were desired I can also imagine adding legs.

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