Quincy Sideboard Case

Quincy Sideboard case: ebonized mahogany, mahogany, walnut, bronze; 34″h x 84″w x 19″d.

The Quincy sideboard was designed and made for fantastic repeat clients of mine who live in the Washington DC area. They chose a wonderful combination of woods and colors and wanted the piece to echo my previous sideboard/ sidecase designs. It is most similar to my Southport sidecase with the inset doors, but the Quincy’s doors slide rather than being hinged. I suggested the bronze to serve as tracks for the sliding walnut doors which help conserve space between it and the chairs of the dining room where it now resides. The insides were finished to show the natural mahogany.

A wonderful piece and wonderful clients.

I have recently reproduced the Quincy in a slightly smaller size for another  great client in DC. The image on my homepage slideshow shows this  recently finished version of the Quincy, along with some of the images here to follow. The size of this new version is 34″h x 18″d x 75″w.

There is a broad range of sizes, features and woods available to choose from for the next custom version. Pricing for the two above is in the +/- $7500 range. Please contact me to discuss pricing and options for your own version, if you are interested.

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