Townsend coffee table

Townsend coffee table: walnut & bleached ash w/ blue grain filler 17H x 15W x 60L. $3000.

cherry, walnut, and blackwood:

The Townsend coffee table was originally built as a custom commissioned piece that I designed for a couple great local clients. The house where the table now resides is on the shores of Townsend “Gut”, a busy channel of water here in mid-coast Maine that separates Southport Island from Boothbay, spanned by a swing bridge.

The main requirement of the design was that it be fairly shallow to allow sufficient space remaining in the room. After sketching a few designs and making a couple models of the more promising ones, my clients chose this one.

The lines and structure of the base take their cue from my Cirrus3 console table. I even added the blackwood splines at the joints, like I do on my Cirrus tables.

With a variety of cherry furniture pieces already occupying the room we went with a cherry top on a walnut base (pictured directly above). The long, elegant, elliptical shaped top was a perfect fit for the room, allowing ample room to negotiate around its slim, rounded edges.

This table could be reproduced in a variety of woods; please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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