Cirrus3 Console Table

Cirrus3 console table: ebonized mahogany, walnut and blackwood, 32″h x 48″w x 15″d. $4,800.

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The Cirrus 3 is the result of further exploration and refinement of my Cirrus line of tables which began with my Cirrus Console. It lends at least a small nod to my boatbuilding heritage with its fair, sweeping curves and cradle-like base; it has quickly become one of my most popular designs.

The sculptural top begins as a solid 3″ piece of mahogany (above) or tiger maple (below). ┬áThe underside and front edge curves are cut, hand-planed and scraped smooth and the back edge and ends are angled flat. All surfaces are honed to a glass-like finish. The base is hand sculpted and joined with both exposed and concealed mortise and tenons, splines, and exposed blackwood splines and pegs. The mahogany top is dyed black and burnished so the rich mahogany selectively shows through. The tops are finished with either a hand-rubbed oil or sprayed with a resilient conversion varnish depending on preference. Other wood choices beyond the two pictured are also available; please contact me to discuss.

The Cirrus3 makes a dramatic statement placed in an entry and is equally effective as a hall table most anywhere in the home–ideally where its curves and angles can be appreciated from a variety of vantage points. It is deeper but not as wide as another dramatic and sculptural piece: my Cormorant table.

As with all my pieces, this table is hand made entirely by me, then signed and dated. Like my other console tables, the joining and shaping is done carefully and takes time. The large amount of hand work combined with the careful selection of distinctive woods make each new version unique.

Cirrus3 hall/entry table: Tiger maple, walnut and blackwood, 32″h x 48″w x 15″d. $4,800

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