Heron Console Table

Heron Console Table: 32″h x 11 3/4″d x 50 1/2″w,  walnut and painted maple.

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The Heron Console Table originally began as a speculative design of mine. I had a vision of a slim-as-could-be table with an angularity and spareness to its composition that conveyed a sense of elegance and grace, all the  while remaining strong and viable in its construction.

Experimenting with the slender components I arrived at the finished stretcher design as a solution to provide strength with the least amount of mass.  The walnut stretcher is two-piece — separated down the center by a thin gap. Each half is mortise and tenon joined to the outer, painted rail at each side. Each grows thinner towards the center of the span. This reduction is further enhanced by the careful hand shaped bevel that also grows toward the center, creating  a “knife-edge” and the impression of the stretcher being stretched thin.

The long arching apron just under the top, reflects the shape of the stretcher below. Like the stretcher, the ends are wide at the important leg connection but have much material removed to create the lightness I was looking for.

The top is a single beautiful walnut board, planed thin and overhanging the base to further enhance the light and spare composition, as if the table could take flight.

I had, from the beginning, imagined this  table in a light almost glacier blue. I followed through with this. I love the combination of natural walnut with the painted wood.

This table could be recreated in any number of wood and finish combinations. Please contact me to order/ discuss. The dimensions could be altered slightly, but are largely set based on what I feel are the ideal proportions. If you are looking for a smaller size please check out my petite heron which is a redesigned version of the Heron, with similar proportions.


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