Inlet Console Table

Inlet Console Table: 33″H x 12″D x 44″L black walnut, ash, and blackwood

The Inlet console table was originally designed and built for a client and home not far from me here on the coast of Maine. I tried to capture some of the drama of the coastal landscape in the tapered slabs of walnut that compose the legs of the piece. I emphasized this with the large overhang of the solid two-board ash top and with my careful selection of grain in the ash I used.

I searched  through many boards in my shop before finding what I felt was the perfect grain pattern for the central vertical ash panel . It is captured within grooves cut into the walnut on either side.

The vertical walnut legs taper downwards to the floor where they are joined to slightly thicker walnut pieces that I refer to as “shoes”. The connection here is made by pegged mortise and tenon joinery which allows for wood movement at this point where the grain of the two pieces is oriented at right angles to each other. Just under the ash top, the vertical walnut pieces are notched to step back and create a floating effect for the top.

This table could be recreated as shown, or with different woods and finishes with size modifications possible as well. Please contact me to discuss.



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