Wedge Console Table

Wedge console table: walnut, ¬†30″h x 12″d x 48″l. $2,350.

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The Wedge table gets at least as much attention as any of my pieces, especially at a show where I often demonstrate how it breaks down easily into three pieces plus the wedge. When setting the table up, the diagonal member first passes through two channels in the leg assembly until it reaches its designated “stop”. The table top–a single 12″ wide walnut board– then drops down over the exposed tenon of the diagonal, passing through a steep, precisely hand-cut mortise to then rest on the top surface of the leg assembly and the shoulders of the upper portion of the diagonal. A wedge snugs in by hand to lock the piece together.

Its the simplicity of the piece– the drama of the cantilever and the arrested energy of the angled components– combined with the visible mechanical connection of the wedge that made this early design of mine so satisfying to me, and to many others who admire it and who have purchased it. As one might guess it is not designed to be a workhorse in terms of function, but it is indeed functional and not purely decorative. I’ve designed many other dramatic pieces since this table for similar sized spaces, and tables like my Cormorant and Cirrus3 have grown equally as popular with their sculptural curves and airy definition of negative space, but the Wedge table, with its energy and asymmetry, ¬†will always hold a special place for me . It certainly makes a bold, and dynamic statement in one’s living space that is unlike most other pieces.

The Wedge table has a hand-rubbed oil finish and, like all my pieces, this table is hand-signed, numbered and dated by me, the designer and maker. The Wedge table ships flat with detailed instructions.

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