Wise Dining Table

Wise dining table: Black Walnut, Bubinga, and Wenge 30H x 46W x 96L

The Wise dining table was featured in the “Designer’s Notebook” article of the December 2015 issue of Fine Woodworking that I wrote, along with its predecessor: the Leaning Trestle dining table, as well as other pieces that influenced its design.

The Wise dining table design grew out of my existing Leaning Trestle dining table as a custom design for a client. The larger size of the Wise table  allowed space for the curved stretcher that connects the two trestles. The stretcher is notched onto the foot of each trestle and further secured by large pegs made of wenge, before touching the floor at either end.  I redesigned the trestles using two large dimensioned, tapered posts. The feet are larger and beautifully hand sculpted to their pictured, elegant forms.

The top of the Wise table consists of a wide border of walnut which is reinforced  with wenge splines at the joints. Within the walnut is a 1/4″ border of wenge and then a large expanse of beautiful, quarter sawn bubinga veneer. In the center is an inlayed wenge pattern that I designed to echo both the shapes of the Wise table’s base and its Asian feel.

As pictured with inlayed and veneered top, this table could be reproduced in the $10,000 range, depending on woods; a solid, board top would bring the cost down to the $7000 range. Please contact me to discuss pricing for various wood/design options.

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