Wise Side Table

Wise side table: black walnut, 22h x 24w x 24d. $2300.

The Wise side table was inspired by the drama and angularity of the Wedge console table but proportioned for a side/end table. The inch and a half thick walnut of the table is variously beveled, tapered and angled giving it a chiseled, sculpted appearance. The top and diagonal member both taper in width from back to front; the top’s edges are heavily bevelled on the underside giving the appearance of a reduced thickness towards and along the front edge.

The Wise table, like a good piece of sculpture, deserves to be viewed from all angles. Its variety of tapers, beveled edges and asymmetry provide much interest, as does the beauty of the grain. The entire table is built from the wood of a single beautiful plank of walnut to ensure a uniform color and grain. It is joined with mortise and tenon joinery and finished with a hand rubbed oil finish.

The Wise side table is presently a made to order piece. This table could be reproduced in other woods or in  slightly different dimensions. Please contact me to discuss options.


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